mid february

The mister told me that from time to time he looks at me

and knows

that I would rather be

anywhere but here.

I think, but do not say, ‘Your job is making buildings stand

My job is thinking thoughts.’

7 thoughts on “mid february”

  1. You could translate for him.

    Wouldn’t a doctor’s wife be more thinking thoughts about what Stephanie Alexander recipe to cook next, which Margaret Preston scarf to wear next, what gallery opening to attend next and which refugees she could visit next week at a detention centre?

    Rather than just profound, winsome thoughts of the heart?

    (I know; I used to work with these women. I’m sure you did, too.)

  2. You may be idealising just a tad there, 3C. The last time I attended a gallery opening in Adelaide, I heard a 60s-ish woman behind me say ‘Oh of course I’ve only come to hear Alexander Downer speak. He’s such a brilliant man.’ And I remembered, in a flash, what the entire leafy eastern suburbs are like. All places have their downers, so to speak.

    1. She was speaking tongue in cheek? Her voice was dripping with sarcasm?

      A good reminder. Sheesh. To think there’s a universe where people think such things.

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