liveblogging the cleaning of the kettle

Having roughly scrubbed at the bottom with daggy dish-cleaning thingo, think to self ‘well, it’s not as-new, but as promised it is greatly improved, yep that’ll do it’, then step back and notice what you have done to the previously spotless external surface of your boiling apparatus.

And have you noticed? A story arc I didn’t have to impose on my characters? Like, it just appeared in this last post all of it’s own accord. How cool is that?

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  1. Fairly sure the bi-carb/vinegar or just vinegar are not meant for metal kettles. Have you been able to restore the exterior of your kettle to it’s previous shining glory? My kettle is plastic and it gets the boiling vinegar treatment twice a year at the beginning of daylight saving and again at the end.I used to do it with every season change which works better but I can’t be bothered. For a plastic kettle fill with 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar, boil, let stand overnight. Next morning empty the kettle, fill, boil and empty twice before filling to use. Surprising how “clean” those first few cups of coffee taste.

  2. el – yes, I think it’s calcium. But this being Adelaide, possibly other things have built up too.

    It’s just bicarb dribbles on the outside. At least I hope so. I think it will clean up all right. You know, when I get round to it.

  3. I burst out laughing when I read that last comment. Just like GOM. He is becoming increasingly anal about the kitchen, & now seems to regard it as his own!

  4. And did the coffee taste better, thirdcat? Was it all nice and clean? Since your cup post I’ve been scrutinising the warming-the-cup-water, and it often has weird flaky bits in it(despite the Brita jug treatment, perhaps it’d be worse if I didn’t do that), so I expect I’ll be cleaning mine tonight. It’s plastic, so the vinegar method described by river, above is what I’ll try. The other thing my beverages often end up with is ants.

    Oh bugger there’s a flood in the toilet.

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