It’s raining here in the riverland

I am now back at my mother-in-law’s kitchen table after having had the worst espresso I have ever had.

Given the amount of time I’ve spent drinking franchise coffees in Middle East malls, this is really saying something.

The man at the table next to mine (at whom I wasn’t staring, but at whom, given our seating arrangement, I could not help looking each time I lifted my gaze from my diary) was having a cafe latte which looked to have good creamy froth.

I shall try the latte tomorrow.

Usually, I avoid lattes and cupofchinos at untested cafes. This is on account of our experiences at the Invercargill Airport, following two winter days (or was it three years) on Stewart Island. Have you seen that Blackadder episode when Baldrick is offering coffee with milk or without milk and so on? Yes, well, the baristas at Invercargill Airport learnt everything they know about making coffee from that Blackadder episode (though in fairness, that day was many years ago and things may have changed, but all the same I do not recommend a Stewart Island winter trip).

I am very much enjoying sitting at my mother-in-law’s kitchen table drinking a cup of soup.

edited for clarifications: I don’t want you to think I was complaining about my mother-in-law – the espresso was not made by her, and I would hate to think anyone thought I was using the interwebs to complain about a woman who is nothing bu welcoming and hospitable, and particularly in terms of food and drink

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  1. The worst espresso I’ve ever had was in this toney, expensive resort in California. We were driving up the coast and stopped in to order some to go, and I’m sure the guy did not change the grounds. I drink a LOT of espresso, and yet this one stands out in my mind as the worst and one of the most expensive.
    Enjoy your time with the inlaws! Mine just left after 2 weeks here.

  2. OK. Tell me about Stewart Island, because we are just about to book one night’s stay there in September, which seems to be not only off-peak, but off the tourism chart. There doesn’t seem to be much to do besides go for walks and sit by a fire and read, but that’s pretty much all I’ll be capable of doing anyway.

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