It’s like getting the band back together, only it’s blogging

In which I begin again

I was messing about on my website, and it came to me that a website and a blog are no longer the same thing. They haven’t been for years. But I didn’t want to lose my blog from all those years ago, so I went searching and there it was. My old blog. I left it when I was trying to set up something more of a website, a professional shopfront I suppose. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that’s about the time I more or less stopped blogging. Or blogging more or less stopped. And then of course there was facebook.

But I’ve never been as good at writing as I was when I was keeping a blog. There are things I think that are only suited to this format and without this format to go to, they’ve got nowhere to go.

So there I was sifting through my old blog and knowing it was time to delete everything from my website. But I couldn’t back up the blog … and one thing led to another and here I am. Back in my blog.

I’m just going to use this simple, straightforward template. I’ve got my old blog name, my old blog tagline, and the best photo I ever took of my kids. And this being only the second week of my life where I became the mother of adults, the photo seems even more perfect than it ever did.

It’s like coming home, truly it is.

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