It’s in the job specification

The mister My tech crew has arrived. We took him on a bit of a walk around the ‘hood (‘here’s where we buy our musk sticks’ and ‘here’s where Mum buys her wine’), then down to the Royal Mile, checked out my venue, and now he’s having a sleep (underneath a blanket, it’s a bit chillier here than the desert weather he’s used to).

It’s good to have someone else in the house whose arms are long enough to do the dishes.

0 thoughts on “It’s in the job specification”

  1. Yay! Coming to see you next Tuesday with Isabelle! (I’ll try not to drop stuff or have a coughing fit or anything. Not that I have ever done that in a show before.)

  2. wish I were there if only for the musk sticks.
    Funny thing is I was just in Dubai wishing you were there so I could ring you up.

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