If you need to ring me, please use my normal phone, because a replacement charger for one of these costs about $80 and seems to be unavailable anywhere in Adelaide. I have it switched to the function that uses the least amount of power (so can’t make calls or receive text messages) just in case the mister is able to find one at one of the shops he hasn’t yet visited.

Soon I will lose all of the numbers I haven’t transferred from the phone’s memory to the SIM card. And I will lose the last six months of text messages. I already lost the previous two year’s when it went flat sometime last year.

I know no one sends cards or letters anymore, but now we can send messages back and forth from the top of a London bus. Updates from the hospital when we’re too exhausted to speak. Good lucks to people before they walk on stage. How are yous because we want to know, but there’s still the dishes to do and a load of washing to hang.

When I walk past the phone, which I often do, because it is on the bench which is between the rest of the house and the kitchen sink, I take a look at it. I am watching the charge bar drop lower and lower, and thinking about the loss I’m about to have.

A sadness of the 21st century.

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  1. So you don’t have a nest of old chargers lying round the house that you can salvage?

    I was going to say that if it was a Nokia, I could send you an old charger that seems to work on any later Nokia mobiles I’ve had (just not in the US, for some reason).

    The other thought is to wander into a few pawn shops and see what they’ve got in the way of chargers (I’m not the daughter of Depression era kids for nuttin’.)

  2. We have about twenty chargers hanging around in drawers (all right, slight exaggeration, but there must be a dozen or so). But no, this phone which I coveted and got for an extra special Christmas present has an odd socket and isn’t even compatible with others of the same brand.

    The pawn shops is a good idea. Tho they depress me no end.

  3. Have you tried here?
    Maybe a car charger would be cheaper. You could just plug it in on your way to/from work?
    Or a PC cable? My w800i charges while it’s plugged in for data transfer.
    Or just make friends with an electronic engineer who can reverse-engineer you one.

  4. No, I hadn’t thought of that Drew, and it is a very good idea. Thank you. If all else fails I will get it from Hong Kong. Still cheaper than getting a new phone.

    For some reason, the PC cable doesn’t help to charge the phone without the charger plugged in too.

    I’ve rung the hotel and I didn’t leave it there, so it must be here somewhere. Mustn’t it?

  5. bugger bugger bugger. The beloved has a 650, so we know this particular beast fairly well. His randomly turns off, but he has the kiss of death for all moblie phones. He is going to the US in a week or so, shall I ask him to keep his eyes open for a charger?

  6. Have you asked the place you got it from for a lend of a charger until you find yours?

    Or put flyers about in the CBD asking for a temp plug in for a few hours or flutter your eyelashes at some dude with one in that mall thingo over there and tell him your battery is low and ask if minds plugging in his charger. wink nudge

    I’m too polite to ask – but – how DO you actually get to lose a charger?

  7. Fluttering eyelashes? Not sure I remember how to do that.

    How DO you lose one? Interesting question. And if I knew the answer I’d know how to find it again.

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