I will survive

If you got selected to go on Survivor, would you not, as soon as you had put down the phone to the producers who were telling you you had won, go straight to the WEA or the Scouts or whatever appropriate place you could find, and enrol in a quick course in firelighting?

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  1. I think the done thing is to go bikini and Brazilian wax shopping.

    But yes, firelighting and anger management for me.

  2. Also, How to Come In Out of the Rain 101.

    I loved this show in its early series when it had real people on it — people of all ages and appearances, some of whom were nice human beings and others of whom had some brains. Now it’s just Big Brother Al Fresco.

  3. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking last night, PC when I saw them all lined up for the reunion. It’s a pity there can never be another one of those dudes who told lies about his own grandmother to win himself a reward challenge. That was ace.

  4. Which, now I look more carefully at the comments, wasn’t especially nice and maybe not especially clever. But it was good television.

  5. I would be embarrassed for having entered. That’s only because I think reality TV shows are cheesy and geared to the brainwashed masses who entertain dreams of one day being chosen to being a contestant in a reality TV show. Any reality TV show.

    I worked with ‘Dan’ from Big Brother for about four months. We had High Scores on seven of the sixty games at the place of our mutual employment.


  6. I’m having trouble mentally distinguishing Big Brother Dan from the three or four Asutralian Idol Dans.

  7. Big Brother Dan is exceptionally talented at impersonating Jim Carrey / Jim Carrey’s characters. Maybe that helps.

  8. Yes. Other infinitely useful courses would include ‘How to build a habitable abode out of palm fronds’; ‘How to catch a fish from a sea of plenty’, ‘Bush tucker’, ‘Boot Camp’, ‘Adult swimming lessons’, ‘Puzzle solving’, ‘How to handle (Shane) psychotic personalities ‘, ‘what to do if your parents aren’t ‘proud’ of your conduct on inter/national television’…

  9. Because I write from behind this veil of pseudonymity, I will admit that I too, worked with Dan from Big Brother, although in a different place to the one of which you speak Great Andini.

    I have never told anyone (except intimate acquaintances) that before.

  10. I’m happy to hear it, ThirdKitty. I hope you were afforded a similar insight into the vast casm of his personas. I had many a timeless moment laughing both at him and with him, especially during moments where we were slipping into engagement of a more serious nature.

    I don’t think I’ve mentioned before my brief association with him.

    Perhaps your blog’s turning into a part-time confessional zone. 🙂

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