3.30 pm

What is it that makes Justine such an ace PlaySchool presenter?

The warmth. It oozes from the television whenever she is on the screen. If you invited her around for the afternoon, you wouldn’t feel like you had to do the dishes before she arrived.

The body. She is not at all angular and she looks like someone’s mum (especially in those ones you still see every now and then where she is pregnant). She is someone you might come across in these particular years of pre-schoolness.

She can sing. Which means she does not have to make up for out-of-tune-ness and/or mono-tone-ness by droning above her co-presenter.

She is having a good time.

And Rhys is to PlaySchool what Tony Jones is to LateLine.

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  1. Completely 100% correct. And can I recommend Justine’s album which is the best kids record EVAR! (from the ABC shop, no I don’t get any royalties)

    Karen drives me batshit but. She doesn’t look like she’d know one end of a kid from the other.

  2. I will go and look for it. We need some variety introduced. I will mention your name. I’m sure you are being modest, and it will get me a discount.

    Have you got the CD (it’s a double) called Winners? It’s got a selection of CBC winners, and is brilliant value. Apparently, bear and chook is a bit scarey.

  3. No, is that an ABC number too?

    I *cough* made a copy of Justine for Sages’s daycare and they played it ALL day the first day. It’s a gem.

  4. Ah, but does Rhys lean across the desk in the same way?

    Glad to know you have such a varied televisual diet!

  5. He often has a saucy look in his eyes when he’s getting stuff out of The Useful Box, elsewhere. But Max is the Babeschool presenter.

  6. I can attest that away from the Play School set Rhys has a constant saucy look, and has a bit too much fun shocking people by swearing like Graeme Bird.

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