I think a little more product may be in order. Now.

Like I said, I don’t mind that the hairdresser fails to transform me into Winona Ryder, but I would prefer not to look quite so much like Rod Stewart.

0 thoughts on “I think a little more product may be in order. Now.”

  1. Fill in for my usual hairdresser. Tho my usual is about to go on maternity leave, so I will need a new one anyway. So now I’ve got that awkward thing of having to go to the salon, but maybe try a different person.

  2. perhaps it will settle down a bit –
    sometimes the middle sections of ones hair aren’t ready to be the ENDS of ones hair, if you follow my train of thought.

  3. I tried for the Winona Ryder (Reality Bites era) more times than I care to remember. Don’t think I ever quite got it. In my experience of haircuts you hate, they usually look better after a day or so passes and you get used to it.

  4. Go to another salon?

    I’ve just come back with my latest ‘product’ — for some reason, it never looks as good when you apply it.

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