Cross? Stitch!


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So I’m sure you’re all just refreshing bloglines waiting to hear more about my cross stitch.

Here it is. I haven’t framed it yet. But I will.

I’m off to bed now, because I stayed up too late last night watching Miss Universe. And on that particular incident, I have only this to say…having slipped on the stage she should not have gone through to the next round. I admire her poise in recovering, and on a human level I felt for her, I truly did. But surely all the ballgown section asks is that you stay on your feet.

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  1. Does it say what I think it says?

    And if so, are you going to hang it in pride of place so the kindy mothers and maiden aunts can see it?

  2. I’ll make you one if you like. I’ve got nothing else to do until I get myself to the shop to buy myself a no 4 circular needle to finish of the neck of my jumper and a set of double ended no 4s to finish off the mister’s hat. Let me know.

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