I did live in New Zealand for a while, and it was a very good life, and so if I have to go back there I won’t be unhappy

I was mentioning to my friend about an hour ago about the letters I’ve sent to Jeanette over the years (well, there have only been two – if I were a Gladiator my name would be Exaggerator) and my friend said ‘so will you be sending her a condolence card?’ and I said ‘I bloody well hope so’.

The mister’s talking about what brand of champagne he’s going to chill.

I’m nervous. Aren’t you?

PS The letters were about such things as ‘will you have a talk to John about possibly not going to war in Iraq’, and look as a form of activism it was pretty piss weak, but I was all post-baby fuzzy and crying at McDonald’s ads and thinking that anyone’s humanity could be reached. And it was her secretary replied. On very nice paper indeed.

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  1. Yes! Very nervous. Especially when today’s ‘Age’ says that Howard feels confident that the tide of public opinion has turned enough in the last few days to return him. Please no …

  2. Shush! Don’t talk about it, I feel sick.

    (But secretly I am planning to jeer loudly and drunkenly at his concession speech and then dance around the kitchen lamenting the fact that fireworks are illegal in this state.)

  3. I’m with Stomper Girl. I think that’s a highly effective form of activism, since J.Ho turns off his hearing aids to anything else. I hope you used nice stationery as well, for extra stealth…

  4. I’ve just emailed my local MP regarding her latest campaign letter and got a reply almost immediately. From her secretary, but still……….she’s not one of J Ho’s mob either.

  5. Extremely nervous as today’s Age has a columnist saying don’t trust Labor with govt, and voting for Labor is a higher risk that lending someone your personal credit card for 3 years.

    Yes. In The Age.

    And the Herald Sun says it backs the Coalition and we know how many people read that thing.

    I will be babysitting for a friend, sitting on their couch with my knitting in my hands to ensure I can’t bite my nails, tuned to the ABC. What’s the name of that ABC election analyst they always trot out? The cult figure one? I like him.

    But I’m still nervous. Can you tell? I’m kind of rambling aren’t I?

    And forgetting my grammar.

  6. Hello everyone! I feel even more nervous as the day wears on…

    I’m not going to be knitting, suse. Too risky. I nearly stabbed my own eyes out the other night and that was just watching lateline.

    And no, my stationery was very ordinary. My friend said next time I should use lavender-scented.

    Sleep well, all.

  7. I *love* that you wrote to Jeanette.
    And in her language too.

    I wonder what the J Ho crew are up to today ?


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