I can feel it in my waters

Because of reasons, I have been having a little to do with Centrelink of late.

The woman said ‘no, you don’t need to inform us of that, it will happen automatically through the Department for this and because of the Regulations for That’.

If that is the truth, then it will be convenient.

But I just can’t shake this feeling that at some point (when I’m busy and stressed with other things and probably have a cold) I will discover that automatically actually meant a little more proactive involvement on my behalf. Even though I was very careful to ask (politely): ‘are you sure?’

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    Your instincts are right. In a similar situation, I went with what they told me, and a few years later got a bill for about $12,000 in repayments. They were looking into prosecuting me for fraud because they say I deceived them.

    Make sure you cover yourself, TC.

  2. Part 2 of my Centrelink advice (courtesy of my grandmother, who has also had problems):

    Always ask who you’re speaking to make a written record of your call when you speak to them, with times & dates and person’s name. So, if they tell you not to report or follow up something and they turn out to be wrong, at least you can prove they said it to you.

    That’s all. I’ll slink off now …

  3. Yes, I know you are right.
    Next week. I will ring them back next week. It’s just so tempting to believe I don’t have to do anything else…

  4. On the other hand, my Centrelink experience showed that it really was automatic. I think I had a good office to go to. I kept thinking “hang on, aren’t they going to get annoying and screw me soon?” but they never did, the counter staff were always polite and helpful, and apologetic if there was a far queue out the door.

  5. The staff I’ve had have been polite, no doubt about that; I think they’ve had some training since I was last involved with them. Nevertheless, I received several conflicting pieces of advice about what information they needed me to provide – which meant after rushing around at 8 and 1/2 months pregnant to get stuff in, I then had to RETURN with two week old babies.

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