Good things

My, but I’m a sucker for a bunch of schoolkids singing. I am, you are…zippedee doo dah…der glumph went the little green frog, it really doesn’t matter. Kids sing, I cry. So, despite it all, I had a pretty awesome time in the school assembly this morning watching eldest boy singing Education Rocks and youngest boy reciting There was an Old Lady.

Wish I could be at the Adelaide Town Hall tonight (or maybe it’s tomorrow night by now).


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  1. Cool! I think I saw the first episode of this program on a Qantas flight recently, when the David Tennant look-alike first turned up to the all-boys school and said he wanted to get them singing. Only disturbing thing is to see those young lads singing “suicidal, suicidal” in such cheerful chorus. Shiver.

    I’m absolutely with you on the crying at singing children business.

    1. oh, my…I didn’t even think of that. I was just loving the stand by me which is pretty much my fave song ever


      not sure what to do about it now…I don’t think I can leave it embedded in there now.Shall go and have a think

  2. Melbourne High won the ABC’s choral competition, Flame, and the prize was awarded today – because some of the boys were sitting the VCE English exam, they sent a recording to the awards of two songs, including a Jazz Waltzing Matilda with a hearty rap in the middle. It was stunning.

    Have had two girls in very good choirs over the years – nothing quite like it. Gounod’s Ave Maria in Newman Chapel at a wedding by little kiddies in choir robes – oh, weepiness.

  3. Oh no, leave it there: it’s a fiction, like all performances. It’s part of the shiver/tears effect for me, is all. And is kind of instructive, in its way. So here’s a moralising reading: a boy might feel suicidal, but finds redemption and cheer by expressing such feelings in community and transmuting them into art, manifestly not acting on the impulse… OK, taking it a bit too seriously now: back to work.

  4. I’d come to more or less the same conclusion. After being initially stunned, I played it again…and the dead-chuffed look on their faces at the end sort of clinched it for me.
    Not working today…off to play backgammon with my own singing boys.

  5. This reminds me that soon I’ll be attending my last ever Primary school concert (Boychild – Girl is in VCE.) I’ll be a wreck. Xtra Jumbo tissue box just in case.
    I’m also a bit upset that there’s a change of venue this year, so I have actually attended the last ever one in the old venue. *SNIFF* *HORK*

  6. Adelaide Town Hall tonight was excellent. Boys put their hearts and souls into it, and were very happy afterwards. Came home and made a Jack O’Lantern out of a pumpkin at 11pm, because we were all too excited to sleep.

  7. oh Helen, you OLD mother you. Wait till you go back to the playground and your bunch of acquaintances is somewhat attenuated, in five years time or so…

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