Everyone who said bad things about Malcolm Turnbull, look where it has got us…

Some things I have done instead of working on my short story:

1. put a beer in the freezer;
2. refereed a(nother fucking) pokemon dispute;
3. untwisted the cord connecting the computer to the internet (an aesthetic, not technical, issue);
4 listened to that interview Tony Abbott did on the 7.30 Report the other night;
5. felt father turning in his grave;
6. started worrying (again) about the state of the world and what if – I mean, really, what if the Libs win, because, quite apart from anything else, I will have to stay living here;
7. had sms conversation with friend;
8. got beer out of freezer, opened freezer-cold beer, downed freezer-cold beer;
9. worried some more about the Libs winning the next election
10. given eldest boy his piano lesson (on which situation I will tell you more tomorrow).

0 thoughts on “Everyone who said bad things about Malcolm Turnbull, look where it has got us…”

  1. Untwisting the cord is essential to clearing your mind so that you can work. Those piddly little things really start to irritate after a while.

  2. Okay, I bring good news re Mad Monk.

    The crazy soul-less liberal voter at work remarked quite worriedly at our Xmas lunch that now Tony was the leader, she didn’t know WHO to vote for!

    I suggested the Greens. She laughed.
    We turned the conversation to desert island books and she chose … a science text book.

    Just to put things in perspective.

    What kind of beer?

  3. We can bung a caravan on the rellies’ place at Motueka. It’s a fine place if anyone else wants to come, but not many jobs alas.

  4. Prime Minister Abbott, peppermintpatcher?
    I think that we ususally refer to PMs as Mr, which would give hime the satisfying name of Mister Rabbit – it’s almost impossible to say it any other way.

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