With great surprise, I report that chocolate chips do not enhance this rock cake recipe.

(And I agree that in 2011, this is less of a blog post and more of a tweet or a facebook status update, but rescuetime has just reported that I’ve spent more than an hour on all distracting activities today, so I should best be avoiding facebook and twitter because, as I mentioned, I’ve got shit to do and visiting such sites will ensure that said shit is never shat.)

4 thoughts on “Drats”

  1. Rock cakes suck me in every time. This time, the rock cake will not resemble its name. This time the rock cake will taste like something other than cardboard. This time the rock cake will be edible. I applaud your experimentation but feel that perhaps rock cakes are like the famed dwarf bread. Good for battle, but only good for eating in the absence of anything else.

    1. I have a *fantastic* rock cake recipe…quick, simple, delicious. Do you want me to send it to you? (Just don’t put chocolate chips in it.)

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