Deep breath in. Hold. Breathe out. Repeat ad infinitum

Do you know what’s stressful? Deadlines that’s what. Specially when you’re an uptight control freak with compulsive tendencies. All good living in the moment, that which doesn’t kill us practice, but not good for the knots in my back and my neck and my stomach.

On a lighter note, I am very much hoping that tonight I will have energy to upload photos of my weekend so that you can see what I did on Friday. It will leaving you gasping in amazement, wide-mouthed with shock and perhaps even a little in awe of my awesomeness.

You will have to come back to see, because YOU WILL NEVER GUESS.

PS Unless you are my friend on facebook, in which case you already know, but don’t tell anyone, okay…and if you aren’t my friend on facebook, doesn’t that just prove that you are missing out?

0 thoughts on “Deep breath in. Hold. Breathe out. Repeat ad infinitum”

  1. Bugger, do I log into Facebook or use the rapidly diminishing battery to check all my favourite blogs (yes I came here first) decisions decisions!

  2. I’m on the edge of my seat. Facebook is evil. I shun it – but I used it when we lived overseas from our friends and family so I forgive you. As for deadlines, if you are anything like me they are good. I need a point to work to. Doesn’t make it any easier in the moment though. Hope you get it done.

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