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I was thinking about my blog and how blogging used to be and what blogging has become, and I was thinking maybe it was time for my blog to be…I don’t know…what…and I know for a lot of people twitter has become the thing that blogging used to be, but it doesn’t quite work that way for me, because I’m in a different time zone, so I always miss the twitter party and then there’s never anyone at mine…

I knew three things: firstly, I wanted to keep blogging, because it’s fun, and I like the people I meet through having a blog; secondly, I was a bit sick of having a blog that was going into decline; thirdly, I knew what I didn’t want, but I didn’t know what I did.

So then I was thinking, maybe if I put a bit of an effort into the blog then I’ll discover what it is that I want it to be. I put some effort in, and I made an elaborate, intricate plan. Way back in January I made that plan, and nothing eventuated. Which is fairly typical of me. In my time, I’ve made a lot of plans, and on very few of them I’ve followed through.

Then, the other day I thought, instead of planning, why don’t I find out what it is that I want to do, just by doing. Write something every day for one month, and then, by the end, you’ll be able to see what it is that you like writing about.

And back on the first of April that seemed like a good idea. Now we’re at the fifth of April and this is the kind of post I’ve resorted to.

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  1. Twitter doesn’t really do it for me either – too fleeting and really, I find the brevity required almost impossible.

    Maybe it’s inevitable when you’ve been blogging for quite a while that it has its ups and downs. I admire you for posting every day – perhaps I should too – hmmm, could I? But I am going to comment more on my favourite blogs instead of just staying in bloglines….

    ps. I quite like it when bloggers ruminate on blogging.

    1. yes, I was flicking around the blogosphere a bit over the weekend, and realised that I have more or less stopped commenting – so I made a bit of an effort to actually let people know I’d dropped by, and it was fun.

  2. it’s all too easy to stop commenting. so: hello!!! maybe i’ll start writing more soon, too… it’s hard when everything feels so in-between. (also my entire extended family reads mine, which puts me off sometimes.) anyway, i like reading what you write, so it’s nice when you do!

  3. And I’m glad I’m not alone with my increasing dissatisfaction with the transience and fleetingness of twitter! It becomes such a lazy habit – immediacy and flippancy rather than any sort of quality.

    I really do miss the blogging heyday of 5-ish years ago – so many fabulous people with so many interesting things to say. It makes me sad that new blogs seem to be only about monetising every aspect of the writers experience (also, I’m an old lady … get off my lawn)

    I thought it was just me with the rarely commenting on blogs in recent times!

    Having resolved to blog every day at various times, I now realise that it is one of those things one does to self-sabotage – so very hard to sustain (and then you beat yourself up for not following through …).

    And don’t you dare stop blogging!

  4. Yeah. I like my blog but it seems to be dying, mostly because I only post when I can think of something interesting to write about. But maybe I should do more daily stuff? I just don’t know.
    I don’t twitter because I don’t have the time. And I do find facebook doing some of what blogging did for me.
    I’m glad you’re posting more though.

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