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Now with more ways to procrastinate…should my titles be this shade of pink, or should I go for something a little more mauve. Apparently, green would match this colour scheme, but I’m not so sure.

And this is why I will never, ever, not never do a renovation, because you have to start to care about such things (exactly which shade for the bathroom tiles), and in renovations it all costs money too.

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  1. I’m still tossing up whether to move over to the beta yet. From what I read you can’t go back though, so I’m still unsure.

  2. You can revert to your old template. I have just found the place where you do it, but I may as well stay with it now.

    I’m convinced word verifications are getting harder.

  3. Well SOME people can’t get bloody beta yet can they?

    Fortunately those people are just about to get theyselves very attractive wordpress blogs, thank you very much.

  4. I know, I do want to move to wordpress. Are you going for the free one, or setting up your own? I’ve tried both, but am so far just wasting money on a hosted site I can’t work, and have also set up a free wordpress site, but can’t get all my posts to transfer over.

    Like I say, endless procrastinations.

    And one thing I’m not very happy about is this google/blogger inextricable link thing

  5. Comrade Liam has helped to set me up – organising the domain and doing the initial install, and now I am fixing it until it breaks.

    Did you try the import function on your WP dashboard (top, far right)? I managed with some trickery to get the blogger posts and haloscan comments all across. Yes, I was VERY impressed with myself.

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