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  1. I’ve been thinking of doing a head lice post for a while!

    It ruled my life for a while. Now Girlchild is all but free of them and Boychild sometimes goes 3 weeks at a time without any.

  2. Bloody things. But ours last year only ever bit The Climber, never the rest of us. Didn’t matter though, did it? Still had to treat everyone if he got infested Just In Case.

  3. Our Granddaughter was living with us when she got hers. OMG. We thought they would never go!! The money we wasted on treatments would have kept a small 3rd world country fet for a year! In the end the comb & the thick (cheap) conditioner were the only things that worked!

  4. Comb (the long tooth metal ones) and conditioner have worked well for us so far, as long as we keep treating it until all the eggs and new ones are gone. We’ve had a couple of infestations in the last 12 months. Doesn’t seem to get to me, but the beloved got them once. The main problem is keeping up the treatment when he’s with his dad and getting that whole household treated too.

  5. Once heads are free of lice mix a solution of water and tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Shake vigorously, spray the hair or brush and brush or comb through. The hair does not need to be soaked. Do this daily and never have lice again.

  6. What proportions, River? Half and half?

    TC, what I do is keep a special kit in a bucket. Lice foam (Two kinds, the chemical kind and the crunchy-=granola natural kind, and alternate them.), comb, and any other paraphernalia. This just gets grabbed for a nit session without having to hunt all around the house for stuff.

    Old flanelette nappies are grouse to put over the kid’s shoulders and wipe off the eggs and lice on.

  7. Tea tree oil comes in a small brown bottle. Empty it into a 500ml spray bottle and fill with water to the 500ml mark. Shake before each use.

  8. It smells strong in the spray bottle but the smell shouldn’t stay on the hair too long. If it does water it down some more. The hair does not need to be drenched.

  9. Oh yeah … F has had them a bit, on and off. They say you can tell the kids who are having big head lice issues because, if they’re boys, they end us with closely shaved heads. We’ve done that twice. Sigh.

    BTW, I tagged you to write cute things about your kid/s.

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