and to think there’s people do this for a living

Have just been on school excursion to the zoo. STOP.

In charge of small group (four children, five if count own youngest child). STOP.

No, really. I mean it. STOP please STOP waving your hat around while you lean into the otters cage STOP squealing in the nocturnal house STOP trying to communicate with the siamangs please STOP.


If you need me, I’ll be on the lounge. You can get your own tea. Can’t you?

0 thoughts on “and to think there’s people do this for a living”

  1. What is it about this term that has everyone in total disarray? I was ‘doing reading’ this morning, and only just stopped myself from saying “for fuck’s sake, stop buggering around and read the bloody book!” Very grumpy and I can’t blame PMS this time.

  2. The ultimate torture! Except I once went on an excursion on a BOAT! That was the single most scary thing I ever did!
    Please don’t hang by one toe off the side of the thing!
    Please dont dip your hat into the water, while leaning precariously over the side.
    Please dont feed the seagulls or they might… Too late they did!

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