A waste of another five dollars, you’d think money grew on trees

I prefer the thought of yoghurt to both its texture and its taste.

0 thoughts on “A waste of another five dollars, you’d think money grew on trees”

  1. I’ve never understood why anyone ever thought it was a good idea.

    Maybe it started as a marketing ploy by farmer trying to get rid of milk that had gone off.

  2. Oh I’m out of step with this one. I lerve it. I’m eating muesli with thick yoghurt as I read this.

    Try Farmer’s Union Greek style or Jalna (NOT low fat- the red lid or black lid). It is a peculiarity of yoghurt that as you keep taking it out of the container, especially if you pour off any whey collecting, it will get thicker and creamier as it goes along.

    Your problem might be that you are being pressured into buying the low-fat rubbish? it’s sour-tasting and usually has gelatine in it.

  3. Oh I could live on custard. Not that stuff out of a carton though.


    With banana if I’m being extra healthy.

  4. I love yoghurt. I love muesli, grated apple, yogurt and a splash of milk. Or muesli, poached rhubarb, honey and yoghurt. Mnnnn. Hungry…

  5. I’m on the pro-yoghurt bench here, but only if it’s real. None of that Ski weird stuff. I do like the Jalna low-fat biodynamic one though. I can recommend Paris Creek biodynamic, and it’s local to you – better still is Mungalli Creek from Millaa Millaa in FNQ…but am I wasting my breath?

  6. Oh, but the Greek Yoghurt Shop in the market near Lucia’s sells the nectar of the gods! Especially with fresh (thawed) berries. Ski, Yoplait and all that other set-in-plastic sludge is certainly not to be countenanced.

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