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I forgot to say, if you live in Adelaide, and you haven’t been, you absolutely must go and see Tom Crean Antarctic Explorer. It’s got five stars in this review and in this one MB wrote “You will go to the end of the earth to find theatre this rewarding”. And I reckon that’s about right. Plus, it’s in the Bakehouse Theatre which I really like and which will be having less perfomances in coming times. This would be the point to insert a piece of informed political commentary about the South Australian arts sector and some recent funding decisions, but I’m nothing if not half-informed.

And last night, I got through the semi-finals and into the state grand final of the Raw stand up comedy competition.

When I registered, I had no idea how I would go. Being slightly older than most novice comics (you might not know, but I recently turned 38), I’m not really part of the scene, so I didn’t know who was around or what they were doing. But once I’d won my heat, my personal goal was to make the state finals. I wasn’t going to slash my wrists if I didn’t get through last night, but I would have been disappointed.

Now, much as I’d love to win the trip to Edinburgh (and I guess we’d make it work even if I did take an overseas trip by myself only a small part of which was work, and the mister has not) my realistic assessment of myself is that I am in the second tier of talent. And no, this isn’t just me doing self-preservation. This is me being realistic about where I am right now.I remember that I watched the national final on the tele last year, and even then I wasn’t saying to the mister ‘you know that’s something I’ve always wanted to do, I could do that, do you think I could do that, I should do that, do you think I should do that?’.

So, like I said to my dad and the mister last night ‘I’m happy’. They rolled their eyes and tried to get me to write that down which of course I didn’t. As if I’d commit to long- (or even medium-) term happiness.

Also, yes, the people who said either no or just a small one please to that nightcap were the smart ones.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to clean the car, because late yesterday I discovered that all of those spiderwebs in the mirrors and doors are actually the homes of redbacks.

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  1. Wonderful news Thirdcat. Keep it up. And I hope you get rid of the spiders, I hate it when those random webs turn out to be redbacks. I had one in my living room once.

  2. Thanks everyone. Suzoz, if I win, I’ll link to the podcast, otherwise there’s really nothing comedy-wise to find about me on teh interwebs (that I know of anyway).

    Hey, Meggie – welcome! Apparently, it is quite common. But the webs have been there for months, and I’ve only seen one.

    Actually, we once found a redback on our nappy bucket! I was a touch over-zealous with the insecticide for a few weeks after that.

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