You’d miss a night at home watching Tony Jones for this

When Adelaide were a wee a bit younger than she now is, she had looked at the people sitting in the seats at Hoodoo Gurus concerts and thought to herself why even come if you’re just gonna sit in the seats. What’s the point if you’re not gonna dance?

And now, having spent the night listening to the wondrous, the glorious Ben Harper from the seats, she understood.

There are times when you want the music to keep you still.

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  1. I’m a fan of seated music appreciation as well.

    I sat at the plateau of the mosh pit at a Henry Rollins concert at the Old Lion one year as people passed me to all parts of the venue. Drinks appeared in my hands without my knowledge. Witnesses claimed they entered my system through the vortex of my mouth, though nobody saw where they went from there.

    It was a zen-like state I’ve yet to emulate.

    Ben Harper…Classic.

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