wound update

I know you don’t care, but I find my wounds fascinating, so herewith an update.

Face: healing. It must be, because just now when I went to buy the bread and the papers, the bakery guy said ‘gee that’s an interesting bag…I haven’t seen you bring that one before…where did you get it’ and then said ‘so what’re you doing today’ and didn’t even look like he needed to ask about my face.

Knees…you should see the bruises. Huge. Gi-normous.

Teeth: watching brief.

Wrist: stiff.Beautiful black pants, bought for my Melbourne appearance: less special than they were.

Ego: still shattered, but am able to laugh about it a little.

Confidence in own athletic abilities (already marginal): further diminished.

Likelihood of returning to scootering: nil.

Fussing about children and possible injury: excessive.

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  1. Was it a Razor scoter? If so, I’d recommend eventually trying a “mountain scooter”, one with fat tyres. Those Razor scooters are very accident prone. I know a five year old who ended up in hospital with a bad leg fracture from a Razor.
    Glad t hear you’re healing.

  2. I care very much – and have been wondering about you for a couple of days.
    I scoot around on the back of my husband’s Yamaha every day and imagine these very injuries. (He fell a few months ago and is fine but was a mess!)

    How did your passenger end up injury free?

    Can you get some Arnica tablets? They are amazing at healing…

  3. Once when I had my face zapped by laser crystals- dont ask- I was left looking like a huge multi coloured football. I was told Arnica ointment to help with the swelling.. I am not sure if it worked.
    Glad you seem to be healing well.

  4. Yes, sorry I didn’t mean to imply that you are all heartless – more that people’s wounds aren’t fascinating to anyone but themselves. So thank you.

    Suzoz, I think I will follow that advice…though the man in the shop assured me the Razor was the most popular, fattest tyres…but yeah, between us we seem to have taken a number of Big Stacks.

    bb – it was a foot-powered scooter…and loving your restraint down there

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