Well, that was unexpected. By ‘sometime’ I just meant, you know, it would take a while

‘I don’t think it’s any coincidence that cleaning the bathroom was followed by four days in bed with the worsest virus I’ve had for years. It’s your turn next time.’

‘Yes, I’ll mark it on the calendar now,’ he said, flicking through to December the twenty third.

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  1. Oh dear, Thirdcat, is this a casserole situation?

    Unfortunately my specialities are osso buco, moussaka, and Thai green chicken curry, none of which is suitable for a veg household. But there’s a rather good-looking recipe over at I Blame the Patriarchy for spicy cauliflower and chickpea something-or-other.

  2. elsewhere, sorry, I just don’t do other people’s bathrooms. I am a good helper, but not bathrooms.

    PC, that is very kind. I was only eating mashed potato and toast. And now we are nearly back to Saturday when the fridge gets filled with fresh food. You sound like a very good cook.

    I’ve never known what osso buco is. It has the best name, but I suspect is chunks of meat.

  3. PC, that should of course say ‘that is very kind, but…’. Because while it is a lovely offer, I’m back on top of things now.

    Howcome there isn’t a way of correcting comments once they are made?

  4. I am a patchy, rather than a good, cook. Things I make usually taste good, but there are many things I cannot make.

    Osso buco is indeed chunks of meat. You cook them in garlic, wine and tomatoes until they are falling to bits and taste divine, but they are still chunks of meat. (And bone.)

    Agreed re comments, and I can’t think why someone at Blogger hasn’t addressed this yet.

    Does everyone hate cleaning the bathroom? And there I was thinking it was just me.

  5. lol

    very funny post

    whenever someone cleans the bathroom at our house the other someone spends A LOT OF TIME complimenting them on what a fabulous job they have done

  6. Man, I am with you re the flu – it laid the fun parts of my yoga group low, and we are all bemoaning our lack of stamina and pisspoor downdogs at the moment. It was reassuring to see I wasn’t the only one who had to spend mucho time in bed, but I’m not sure it’s quite the same when you’re 31 and comparing your recovery rate to a bunch of people in their 60s. No matter how hard core yogis they may be.

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