Well, somebody must

Nobody knows where the pepper grinder – twisted by too much time in the sun but serviceable still – has gone. Or why the small grey pot of white pepper – perfect for a picnic hamper with coloured aluminium cups, ground fine and best before 02 May 03 – has appeared.

The tomatoes on toast taste of salad plates at your grandfather’s, but the avocado is not the same and nor are the potatoes.

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  1. White pepper isn’t quite right, is it? It reminds me of pub meals, the ones where you get the salt and pepper shakers mixed up and end up with peppery chips. I can never work out the logic behind salt and pepper shakers, by the way. Why would you need more holes for the pepper than for salt? One of the lesser, yet still annoying, mysteries of life, I suppose.

  2. While renovating last year I moved house 4 times in 8 months, and when I finally got back home I’d somehow still ended up with some frozen mince that had been purchased over a year ago.

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