Wednesday night

I’m not an overly-competitive type (you can’t afford to be, when you’re average as me), and this is the kind of house where it’s not about who wins and calling people losers isn’t very nice (your house would be too if you were trying to bring up two genetically-competitive boys).

And I love Myf and her laugh and she gets me through a couple of my day’s ugliest hours. But if they invited me on, I’d want to be on Alan’s team. He hasn’t lost for weeks.

Also: Hamish Blake. Gorgeous as. And I know I’m kind of Robinson Crusoe here, but I really liked their Hamish and Andy show.

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  1. Hamish was on fire last night, and I always love Alan. There was a lovely week or two there where Kath & Kim was on afer Spicks& Specks so there was a double dose of AB. Double plus last night was Klemeritis doing the “Look what the’ve done to my song, Ma” segment. That Ernie Gruner has such a grumpy look to him, though.

  2. Myf is cool – I actually thought she was a complete dill on the radio till I saw her on Spicks & Specks. and I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but it seems like she’s toned down the Look At My Boobies outfits… heh. I now realise she’s damn good value.

    but I would have to be on Alan’s team too. he. rocks. so. much!

    Hamish Blake: a friend of mine quite likes him too –

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