Tracks in the sand

From camel festival

Somewhere between Abu Dhabi and Liwa. If you ever come to visit me (and I wish at least someone would – I have a Finnish friend who arrived the same week as I did, and she has had about two months without visitors whereas I have not had a single person drop by) I will take you to Liwa where you will see a most stunning set of dunes.

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  1. No one EVER came to Mauritania just to see us, and we were there nearly SIX YEARS!
    We were in France 10 months and had 4 sets of visitors.
    In Mauritania, we had a villa. In France, we had a teeny-tiny apartment.
    Sigh. It’s not you–it’s them.

  2. I immediately checked the prices of flights to France via Abu Dhabi instead of Singapore, but then I realised that we will not be going until after you have gone back to Adelaide. Otherwise we would stop by and say hello and look at sand.

  3. It is funny how people are always asking “when you coming home to visit?” Well you know what – I’m not. No one has visited us either, besides my dad and WE paid for his ticket. Oh hang on, my sister did (from London) but I only only been here for like 3 wks and had no car. I think people should take the opportunity to come and visit us so I think it their loss, not ours.

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