Told you I was sick…

Nah, really, the gym didn’t kill me. In fact, I went back this morning and almost enjoyed myself. Plus, I went to Sydney for a couple of days, had a meeting, saw a submarine and two whales in the harbour, used the hotel gym and got chatted up. I jest not. Along the lines of ‘haven’t I seen you somewhere before?’ Good grief.

My mind has been occupied with such questions as ‘how many more people are going to write letters to the editor talking about how we shouldn’t have maternity leave because not everyone will use it’? It is true that not everyone will use it. But thankfully, not everyone uses workcover either. Not everyone needs an unemployment benefit. Also, howcome our arts minister is making weird comments about art, but our sports minister sees no need to comment on poor attitudes to women (in my opinion, bordering on violence against women) as displayed on certain television shows.

Geese, the world is full of geese. And whales.

Am also very busy trying to act like an adult all the while feeling that certain elements of my existence are being given no respect and that particular important relationships are being given no oxygen. Life is complicated, no?

My boys are absolutely gorgeous at the moment. They give me spontaneous hugs and kisses and make up jokes to make me laugh.

The dog is slightly better trained, though he is still getting on the table to look for food scraps (of which there is a great many, this being one of those houses where the dishes do not get taken straight to the sink).

I am considering taking up golf though the mister feels that I will feel myself out of place.

I got a speeding ticket – the first one I have ever had. Nearly two hundred dollars. It made the twenty dollar parking ticket hurt less.

The mister rocks. He is also a rock. From time to time his rock-ness gives me the shits. But more often than not, his rock-ness keeps me keep-on keeping-on.

It is not a good time to be trying to sell a house. It is never a good time to be selling a house on someone else’s behalf.

And all the while, I am madly trying to write putting the finishing touches on my first solo show for its debut in August.

The colour-coded books are beginning to look most ace. Photos to come, hopefully after this weekend when I get them all finished.

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  1. Yep. Friday afternoon around 4 pm. Two whales. The ferry driver was extremely apologetic that he couldn’t let us stay for a longer look, but he had a timetable to stick to.

    Of course, I was the only one without a camera.

  2. The mister rocks. He is also a rock. From time to time his rock-ness gives me the shits. But more often than not, his rock-ness keeps me keep-on keeping-on.

    That so sums up my marriage. Thanks for giving me the words…

  3. I saw the Friday whale.
    There were four next day.

    Fancy you being here and not a dead person at all. believe me, had I known, I would have chatted you up meself.

  4. I love the silver lining of the speeding fine story. I used to have a boyfriend in Goolwa, if memory serves, and he took me to his favourite private spot on the beach and there were two whales playing there, not 10 metres out. Just beautiful.

  5. Lucky you with the whales. For someone who spent so much time at the beach as a child I have seen very few whales. I put it down to extreme short sightedness.

    I’m looking forward to the colour-coded bookshelf photos, and I”m also glad that your relationships with your boys are going so well. Speaking as someone who resorts to “don’t make me count to 3” fairly frequently I’m glad that someone is having an easier time of it than me.

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