Thursday afternoon

Here’s what I wanted to do today:
Write first draft of synopsis of first (unfinished) draft of new big writing project for submission to the September round of project assistance grants which would probably not be successful this round, but would at least help me to focus myself and clarify thoughts and provide pivot for further developing my ideas.

Here’s what I could be doing which wouldn’t be achieving the Most Important Thing, but would at least be productive:
Typing up minutes of school council meeting for distribution as promised.
Hanging out washing that has just finished.
Folding clean, dry washing.
Bringing in dry washing from the line.
Tidying, then cleaning, desk which is such a mess it is getting me down.
Thinking about tea, because there are house guests who will want feeding at some point.
Writing interesting blog post about family holidays or about rotten things in my fridge.
Cleaning fridge.
Defrosting freezer.
Sending proposal of Very Good Idea for an article to an editor who will ignore my email.
Ringing The Mister to apologise for being a bit grumpy on the phone earlier on, then explain why I am feeling a bit grumpy, thus making him feel slightly bad for forgetting once again, thus regaining the upper hand and the power to choose where we will dine tomorrow evening and which movie we will see this evening while house guests care for children.
Unpicking the toes of the socks, find out how to do proper socks, then finish socks, then deliver to friend.
Ringing Grandfather to ask how he is getting on.
Reading a book.
Gathering information about internet censorship and China and contacting people who might be interested in campaigning on said issue.
Similarly, gathering information about child soldiers and contacting people who might be interested in campaigning on said issue.
Going for a walk, thus gathering ideas and momentum, improving health, the chances of losing a bit of the red wine pudge and well-being.
Organising father’s birthday present.
Playing the piano.
Finishing essay which someone is interested in.
Studying more about organisational diversity.
Phoning a friend to moan about pathetic life.
and so on…

Here’s what I am doing:
Hitting refresh on bloglines every five minutes, listening to Days of our Lives and getting pissed off with myself whenever I look at the time

0 thoughts on “Thursday afternoon”

  1. your life sounds like my life.

    and i would never think you would steal lime leaves from a chinese grocer. especially not as you are thinking of rallying assistance to help china with their internet censorship.

    good luck with the rest of your day.

  2. I recognise this list 🙂

    I have heaps of info on censorship in China if you would like it – I did a paper on it last semester & did quite well (pats self on back)

    Enjoy whats left of your day.

  3. As a matter of fact I do. Also, Chariots of Fire, Rainbow Connection, Music Box Dancer and Michael Jackson’s Ben.

  4. I can play Three Blind Mice on my cello if you want to do a duet.

    Now, about those socks. Did you ‘graft the toe’? Because I recently learnt how to ‘Graft a Toe’ and it is easy and fun.

    Well, easy.

    Let me know if you need the instructions.

  5. I’m very impressed with the ring to explain grumpiness move. Nicely executed.

    I take it you read Potter all the time or are you a natural?

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