there’s no critical analysis here

‘Is it just me, or did Dalziel and Pascoe get worse?’ Adelaide asked the mister. She was trying to lose weight, so she took the wine, but declined more chocolate.

‘No. It’s always been this shit,’ he said and scoffed another six blocks.

0 thoughts on “there’s no critical analysis here”

  1. I thought it was slightly better than last week’s dismal effort, but still bad. Switch over to SBS and watch Unit One. It’s Danish, it must be good.

  2. Alas! We can’t see SBS on our television. Despite our close proximity to the city. Of course, we could turn the television off and read. Or even talk to each other.

  3. Oh, I am shedding a tear for you, Adelaide. You can’t get SBS? Isn’t that against the law in South Australia? It should be.

  4. The ones Reginald Hill wrote were good, but it’s gone a bit Bill for my liking.

    And WHAT is with DAlziel’s ‘do?

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