The unasked questions

Chanel Ten, Big Brother, Gretel and those two guys would have a lot more credibility, and the story would be fuller had there been some extra questions. Just a few for starters:

So, do you think you have a better understanding of why those dratted rules might have been developed in the first place?
Oh, and do you (Gretel, scriptwriters and those removed from the house) see no inconsistency between throwing yourself into Big Brother and then banging on about how poorly you’ve been treated by an evil media that takes a story and runs with it?

Youse would have done well to be watching Boston Legal last night.

And another point of interest: hold up a sign saying free the refugees and incur the wrath of Gretel and even Rove; carry on in a manner such as this and let the waves of sympathy wash over you.

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  1. I made a comment at Culturestrain that has been taken the wrong way I think. But if David (and he wouldn’t in a million years) and Ash had held down one of the guys, wouldn’t the men be freaking out now. I wonder how Gretel would have handled that twist? Now I think I’ll depart from the subject for ever.

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