The trouble with Tuesdays…

…is that on Monday nights, Boston Legal doesn’t finish until 11.30 pm, and then there’s Scrubs.

0 thoughts on “The trouble with Tuesdays…”

  1. Yes, but I’m rejoicing because I’m no longer chained to the OC.

    I was sending TSSH-style digests to Girlchild at school. Unfortunately, I had some kind of brainfart last Tuesday and missed the FINAL EPISODE. NOT popular.

  2. I know… Now that housewives has finished, couldn’t they bring everything forward an hour?

    And they put Scrubs right on the end of BL, so there’s not even time to think twice about whether you can be bothered staying up another half hour. By the time you realise you’re up too late, you’re 10 minutes in and you have to keep watching.

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