The meaning of life is just around the corner

Adelaide finally made it to the SASMEE Millswood train park. She had been watching that train park since she was seven years old, and now, one day after she turned 37, she was finally here.

Adelaide wasn’t sure which best she liked best. Lining up with little boys bouncing with the joy of life. The officious fully enclosed shoes signs. The shade of the trees on a day that was almost too hot. The woman who stopped the trains to hand out cups of sticky orange drinks to the drivers (volunteers all). The old men controlling their boats by remote and happy to give little boys a go. The grey-haired woman with two little boys on the bowling green who couldn’t work out how to get through the fence. Men who were young enough to know better wearing railroad hats covered in gold-coloured stick pins. Groups of men polishing their trains at the end of the day. Walking back to the car with little boys still bouncing with the joy of life.

But by the time she got home, Adelaide knew exactly which bit of the day she liked best. She liked that at the young age of 37, Adelaide had discovered the meaning of life.

It’s trainspotters that make the world go round and there was hope for Adelaide yet.

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  2. I haven’t thought about that place for years. I used to live on Millswood Crescent as a kid and my brothers spent many hours at the railway park. I had no idea that it would still be in operation.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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