the first list

Things in Adelaide’s life which have not delivered on their promise:

1. Tea towel holder: there’s more to life than looking good
2. MP3 player
3. As many tertiary qualifications as you can count on one hand (excluding the thumb). Could it be time to make a decision?
4. Microfibre cleaning cloths: constructed from the latest technology to be used with nothing more chemical than water and bought at no small expense – as Adelaide’s friend had advised ‘someone still needs to flap them around the place’
5. Belize: a zillion tourists a year love it, one or two do not
6. Any number of organisational things bought from seductive stationery stores
7. Anti-cellulite cream, anti-ageing cream, fat reduced cream
8. Our ABBC: just because it’s studded with English accents doesn’t make it high quality
10. Quantum physics for dummies: whether that book has been published or not is irrelevant

0 thoughts on “the first list”

  1. I have been reading for a few weeks now, and must say I am intruigued and mesmerised by Adelaide. Please don’t stop writing!

  2. Hello Erica and welcome. I’ve been visiting your blog too which I really enjoy (and the name is great). I’ve followed most of your knitting links.

    You’re right: Adelaide is intriguing.

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