0 thoughts on “The drawbacks of a back lawn covered in jacaranda flowers”

  1. It was too late. He had dealt with it himself. Being a bit embarrassed and not wanting to tell me it had happened. Again. And then he burst into tears and cuddled on my lap.

    We went the iceblock and frozen peas route – a la the jellyfish sting from earlier in the year – which happened to the same boy. Of course.

    I remember slathering myself in stingose when we went camping. It does work. Surprisingly, as you say.

  2. Yes, I was worried about the allergies stuff and stayed fairly close for the next hour or so. But he seems not to be allergic. At least at the moment – he’s had quite a few now.

    Not quite, Suse. Last section left. I’ll probably skive off this afternoon to finish it.

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