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Did you see me? Last night? On the tele? Performing in the final at the Melbourne Town Hall? There was a card in the letterbox this morning from my neighbour, so I guess they were watching. I reckon my two best jokes (I think we call them gags) didn’t make it to the telecast. But I would say that, wouldn’t I?

I tell you, watching that was worser than the actual perfomance. Am I really that fat? I said to the mister. Do I really look that fat? I really have put on weight, haven’t I? And so on. Stopped short of saying ‘I really should stop drinking so much’.

So that’s that. One of the most surprising experiences of my life finished with. I remember watching the Raw final on the tele last year and even then doing stand up hadn’t even crossed my mind. I never said you know, that’s something I’ve always wanted to doI should do that, I mean I could do that, I’m as funny as that. Never thought it once.

Overall, I would say my best performance was the one I gave in the state grand final, but going to Melbourne and standing on that beautiful stage in front of 1400 people who laughed at my jokes (and applauded three of them)…my goodness, that was something.

In another big move, I started teaching myself cross-stitch last night.

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  1. I saw a bit of it. The only person I saw that might have been you said that ‘she hated kids’ with a swear word or ten thrown in. Was that you?
    Congratulations anyway. It’s a gutsy thing to do.

  2. God, I hope it’s not on youtube! I saw your photos yesterday, Zoe. Hope things are good today.

    No, jen, that wasn’t me. She was on about three people before me. My swear word joke wasn’t included in the broadcast.

    A lined garment, blackbird. I would expect nothing less.

  3. Aha! I just watched it this morning–taped it last night. I had a vague thought that you were in it, which is why I taped it.

    Heh, I thought you were great. Very nice hair-do. Fat? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was furiously matching everything I knew about you from online to your tv screen persona. I was thinking, ‘well the initials are right’, ‘yep, I could see her wearing those earrings which she posted as her favourite’. ‘It must be third cat’.

    I’m having difficulty getting the image of playdough mixed with snot out of my head, so thanks for that : )

  4. Yes, Kirsty and winter is coming, so it\’s about to be my lived experience again. Tho we\’ve moved on to plasticine now.

    It would be highly illegal to YouTube it. And really, it was only a tiny snippet. And really, really, in my case, it\’s called Raw for a reason. I still have a long way to go.

  5. Oh, plasticine and snot is such a better image…

    Don’t listen to her people–well do listen to her, but not when she’s being all self-deprecating and the like–3C was very worth watching. Raw? Pfft. Some things are better that way. (All the best with the rest of the trip though).

    Now if only I had some tech. savvy I would know how to get the recording from the hard disk onto a USB to share with everyone–well the Canberra based bloggers anyway. Looks like I’ve another question to ask the helpline.

  6. Kirsty, re “fat” — I’ve seen her IRL, and I don’t know what she’s talking about, either.

    Can’t believe I managed to miss it on the teeve though — damn.

  7. Kirsty, re “fat” — I’ve seen her IRL, and I don’t know what she’s talking about, either.

    Can’t believe I managed to miss it on the teeve though — damn.

  8. Crap. I was half watching it, but really talking to the beloved in DC and not paying any attention, but I was planning on watching it, ‘cos it half occurred to me that you might be on it.

  9. C’moooonnn! how do we get a copy? i can’t believe you didn’t say anything. Kirsty if you can send me a copy of the tape I can get it transferred to digital then distribute it widely.

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