Thank you Tuesday, you were perfect


Far less stressed than I used to be. Like so much less stressed I’m hardly stressed at all. Started the day at breakfast with my fabulous friend. Got quite a bit of work done on my thesis in the morning, took the lads to an excellent cafe for a late lunch, got more work done on my thesis, and then watched a cracker of a sunset while the lads kicked the footy in the background. It was a perfect Adelaide winter’s afternoon – deep blue sky, golden light in the eucalypts, turn your back to the sun and let it warm you through that kind of thing. To end the day I took advantage of this apartment’s uber-luxurious shower and then, to make a great day perfect, discovered that at least one of my children has learned how to replace an empty toilet roll on the holder. Okay, so he left the wrapper and the old roll on the floor, but let’s take our wins where we get them, eh?

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