Someone really should take the dog to the vet to get his stitches out

So I spent Wednesday afternoon on a bench at the beach, sometimes sobbing, mostly staring. Nothing that the rest of you don’t have going on in your lives, but sometimes it does all catch up, doesn’t it?

I find the beach recuperative on one level, and yet it always leaves me yearning.

I had a baguette for lunch.

Then yesterday I went and delivered (this is the technical term) my manuscript which is slowly but surely transforming itself into a novel. So, yay. Like totally, awesomely, yay.

I had a baguette for lunch.

With a glass of wine. In celebration.

It left me nodding off in the school assembly.

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  1. Yay, wooohooo! I’m in awe. When I was at school I was sure I was going to be a novelist but the task was too big. I have never got beyond about page 3. So kudos to you.

    And yes, sometimes it catches up. I’m sorry you had a bad day.

  2. Bravo on the manuscript. That’s not an easy thing. And yes, it does all catch up sometimes, but then I’m shocked to see it is often my hormones.

    I waited for K to have a day off so that HE could bring the dog to have her stitches out.

  3. hooray for you, hooray for the manuscript. Put me down on the advance orders, I love your writing.

    One day I will get it together, and I will make something out of words.

    Perhaps April is a time for sobbing? that image gave me a rather nasty pang, imagining you doing that. Though I am sure you have better reasons than I for a howling sob.

  4. I always liked the title of a journal I discovered in my last year at uni when I was first pregnant, L’Esprit Createur
    (I think – more likely to be creatif, n’est-ce pas?). It all hurts, all the making. (Well,not cake… not usually, anyway.)

    But wowowowow, a whole ms!!! you rock, ma’am. I think these pinnacle experiences do make us weep, for all sorts of reasons. “Have you come to the top of the cliff?” as the Zen teacher said to Ruth Park. “Then step off.”
    Me for advance orders aussi.

  5. Oh, well done you. Can’t wait to read it!

    The beach does that to me, too. Makes me emotional, I mean.

    I’ll bet letting go of that ms was a bit emotional? And all that creative activity lately has to have got you a bit churned up (all that anxiety).

    Hope letting it out did some good!

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