shit shoes

shit shoes

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This is one half of one of the worst pairs of shoes I have ever owned. They are quite uncomfortable because the soles are thin and give no real support. By the end of the day my feet ache. The thin soles also mean that during winter my feet are nearly always cold. As you can see, they are also quite grubby, though that is not the fault of the thin soles.

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  1. oh I thought they were Cons. The skaters were good but the ones which looked like that (and were ankle sneakers)were everything you described. canvas is not your foot friend.

  2. i have ones that look like that. they’re from target and are not cons. they have no star.
    they are comfy for a little while, but they end up hurting my little toe. i have hit them with a hammer where they hurt. you know, just cos. it actually worked a little

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