Seemed like a good idea at the time

Unencumbered by children, but carrying one piece of recent Very Bad news from a friend, plus that bloody phone call had come, Adelaide and her lover went out.

‘I can’t quite decide.’ Adelaide looked up from the cocktail menu and, quite accidently, straight into the eyes of the Lovely Waiter. ‘Perhaps…’

‘The lychee martini is very good,’ the Lovely Waiter said. And quite coincidentally they were the very next words on Adelaide’s lips.

‘I just need to tell you we don’t have the mint. But that’s really just garnish,’ the Lovely Waiter said.

‘That’s okay,’ Adelaide said, ‘mint just gets caught in your teeth.’

‘You’re a shocking flirt,’ her lover said when the Lovely Waiter had gone.

And at the moment when her lover said I’ll have a coffee now please Adelaide should not have said and I’ll try the mango daquiri.

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