School holidays day one zillion

Is it just me and my house, or is it normal for children to go fucking bonkers when other children come for a play?

I’ve locked the dog in the laundry with a bone. There was no alternative.

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  1. absolutely and totally normal

    btw, the only reason i havent seen my kids kill each other yet is because its their dads week to have them. i’m sure there’ll be plenty of killing next week

    also, did i tell you that they got nits, and instead of washing and combing their hair, their dad just shaved it all of?? my beautiful babies with their long long hair? now bald? am i happy about that? no, no im not

  2. Absolutely normal. I let Miss Nine and one of her friends loose in the kitchen a day or two ago; I had never realised that chocolate chippie biscuits could be the source of so much shrieking hilarity.

  3. My sister had a sleepover party for her daughter with about 8 other girls from Year 6. She said she realised things were totally out of control when she had to raise an eyebrow at the school captain for jumping madly up and down on her couch, although she says the point that said captain would not do the same in her own home was taken with relatively good grace.

    mr tog and I have been sick, so our kids haven’t gone anywhere or seen anybody this week. Poor lambs.

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