Saturday night

Because I was out last night, it’s the mister’s turn to go to the party (one day we’ll go out together again, won’t we?) so I am at home sorting my photographs. My digital photographs. My camera(s) download the photos in singularly-dated folders which is really a very awkward way to have photographs organised.

I have created a small number of large-ish folders and transferred the photos appropriately.

This is a most satisfying exercise. I highly recommend it. Now, I am backing the up onto CD-Rs. Whatever they might be. Round shiny things. That’s all I need to know, isn’t it?

All in all, it’s been a rather emotional day, and I’m quite enjoying the satisfaction of all this sifting and sorting.

One thing I’m wondering though: are we supposed to be printing out all these photographs, or will it be enough to have them on these-here CD-Rs?

PS In today’s The Advertiser there was a list of this state’s 150 most important people – I think because The Advertiser is 150 years old or some such. I’m not that great at counting (Amazing Race in-joke there, hilarious, no?), but on my calculations, there are 20 women and 2 Aboriginal people in that list. I know, what else should I expect? But really.

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  1. You have done what I am merely thinking of. I do have a portable hard drive to back ’em up on though.

    I wish I knew what’s enough – there’s formats and all that crap to think of. Once upon a time all we had to worry about was acid-free paper, wasn’t it.

  2. We should ask &Duck, who is fully into that kind of stuff. However I fear her answer will be “you’re all stuffed”.

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