remedy for a jellyfish sting

Obviously, this advice is of a general nature only and you should seek advice from a medical professional or lifeguard…the man in the general store may be sympathetic and helpful, but he is not a medical professional. And he does have a commercial interest in moving these packets of slightly over-priced peas.

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  1. Vinegar helps too, I understand. At least, that is what the life guards at the beach always used…

    I hope that the pain goes away quickly, poor thing!

  2. The vinegar got mentioned, but the peas won because they are considered to be a treat almost as special as ice cream. Soothing and delicious. Whereas vinegar…

  3. Ouchy. Hope it subsided quickly.

    I don’t know what type of jellyfish it was but this reminded me of a ‘What’s good for you’ segment. Apparently hot water is the best ‘cure’ for bluebottle stings, with ice the second best.

  4. I think using a bag of peas is a fair call. There’s something very malleable about such a bag (a bit like a bean bag) — they wrap round a joint very well.

  5. So cute! And familiar. Yes, I reckon the peas remedy is in the category of tried and true. It is something about the malleability of the bag. Peas are like beans in a beanbag.

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