0 thoughts on “Productive use of grumpiness”

  1. The last time we went to Ikea, we went in through the exit and walked through the store against the arrows. Just to see what it was like. And it’s very difficult – you don’t quite realise this until you try it – and it annoys the other shoppers – you have to go back and do this!

  2. hey! we did! not from the exit, but all around that top floor then went down then up again…as the mister said ‘like salmon swimming upstream’. I had a small shall we say ‘stand-off’ with a woman on the stairs. She won, because she was standing on the stair above me.

  3. Ikeas of the world – there you are swimming upstream on the other side of the world. And we we are swimming upstream on this side of the world. But do we swim clockwise or counterclokwise or do you? Don’t know – will have to visit an Ikea on the other side.

  4. Hi Corinna – nice to meet you – I think you’re supposed to go clockwise at the Adelaide Ikea.

    Helen, me and SQ put the core in hard-core.

  5. I built some bookshelves. They look a bit wonky and Lovergirl doesn’t want me to build anymore but I think it’s easier than going to Ikea.

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