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  1. Elsewhere, you’re (sadly) right. I’m hoping ‘me too’ is the strategy the Garrett gaffe suggests. Suse, I would quit my job and work to elect that team.

  2. Yes. It would be lovely to have a sheila at the head of the party. Especially one as intelligent as Julia.
    she will never be on a team with Bob Brown.
    She’s actually on the side of the CMFEU and the foresters and the woodchippers. She’s one of those laborites who would mock BB and pretend that all the Greens want to do is destroy TEH JOBS for TEH WORKING CLASS elites latte etc etc.

    She thought Latham trying to save the Tasmanian forests in 2004 was wrong.

    Unless she’s done a complete turnaround since2004. In that case, you won’t see anyone happier to eat their words.

    If you don’t know the background, google “Julia gillard” and “Michael O’Connor”.

  3. Sorry, I don’t mean to be excessively negative.

    I did so WANT JG to be the answer to all our prayers. But, sadly, she ain’t. On Workchoices, yes, on the other stuff, no.

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