0 thoughts on “Other delights of the day”

  1. I can’t answer it, anyway Deborah. The people who can answer it, are working on the age-old principle of silence as the best defence.

  2. Oh dear. I can imagine any number of ways for this to occur, but they all would have me arriving on the scene and saying “stop buggering around while you’re doing a poo please”

  3. jahteh – I don’t think I want to know about how many ways there are

    you’ve got the picture there, mummy crit…only I didn’t arrive on the scene in time

  4. how much do socks cost, anyway? Or is it a plugging up the sewerage issue? Surely it was a very small sock. Give me a nice composting toilet any day.

  5. Well, we never do arrive in time, do we, so it turns into “why were you buggering around with your socks while you were doing a poo?!?!” I wonder whether I’d’ve gone with Mikhela and flushed it, or with you, and tried to extract it…

  6. just as well it wasn’t your house then… you’d have probably stuffed things up (literally)! and that would have been even more “interesting” than fishing the sock out 😉

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