Oh-kay, enough with the Oh jokes now

Snippets from home tell me that Oprah is going to Australia. As John Stewart says, we’ll have to start calling it Ohstralia (how many ways do I love that man, and how much time do I spend plotting ways to sort of bump into him and possibly have his babies).

Anyhoo, as I was blogsurfing my way through lunch today, I discovered a campaign I think you should join.

Anita Heiss for Ohpera House
“Oprah is coming to Sydney and there could be no better guest or representative of modern Australia than Sydney’s own ANITA HEISS.”

There’s details of how to email the shOh’s producers and ask them to include Anita Heiss as a guest over on Anita’s blog and website. I’ve never written to Oprah before, but I’m going to do it right now.