Nothing of significance beyond a lovely mango

Today, I have written and emailed to relevant persons, the draft of what is becoming a rather excellent paper. Since then, I have been reclining on the lounge, mourning the loss of Tendulkar, but still enjoying the breeze which is winding its way from the front door to the back door, which conveniently means it must pass my position on the couch.

I have eaten a most excellent fruit salad which was excellent because a. the mister made it and brought it to me and b. it included a rather lovely nectarine and one of the best mangoes I have ever eaten.

And I have, by means of Eldest Boy’s Nintendo DS, proved that my brain is bigger than his (bigger than the mister’s I mean – I would hope that my brain is bigger than seven-year-old’s, wouldn’t you?).

I am thinking of having a beer. I am hoping that when I express my wish for a beer, the mister will say ‘I”ll get it from you’. I am further hoping that he will then get one from the back fridge. The back fridge is still on since Christmas, and, because the back fridge does not get opened every two minutes by a hollow-legged boy, the beers contained within are particularly cold.

Normal blogging unlikely to resume anytime soon.

PS The people over the back fence appear to be having another party. They are most jolly-sounding affairs and make us feel a little old and slightly envious.

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  1. It looks like your new year’s resolution is still holding good on this the sixth day of the year.

    (Beer, nectarine and mango for lunch rather than beer and mint slices, I mean). Yum.

  2. God I love a cold beer in the Summer.

    We went to a pub the other day and the beer was decidedly NON-icy. Crap.

    I used to have “Jack Johnson” neighbours. They had a frangipani tree, acoustic guitars, and soft, tinkling friends and good times. I used to sit on my back step and soak in their atmosphere like an eavesdropping 10yr old. Heaven.

  3. Ooh I love mangoes!

    We used to have fighting neighbours.
    We would sneak out into our pool, & unashamedly listen. god it was entertaining! I learnt several new words too.

  4. This:
    Today, I have written and emailed to relevant persons, the draft of what is becoming a rather excellent paper.

    is intriguing and the mere thought of being able to create a draft of anything vaguely excellent is something of which I am deeply envious.

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