nothing like a sleeping baby


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This is how he has spent most of the last two days. Asleep in someone’s lap. Which is to make up for the nights which he mostly spends crying. Missing his mum I guess. Goodness only knows how his mum is feeling.

This is probably the totally wrong thing to be doing. Like everyone says ‘don’t let babies sleep in your arms all day’. But we did. Let them sleep in our arms all day. And that seems to have worked out fine.

I’m completely out of my depth. You might have noticed.

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  1. We’ve made dog-behaviour mistakes before so my advice is – get him a soft basket. Move the basket around the house as appropriate, so that he always has his Place but doesn’t have to be separate. Put him in his Place when there are visitors, food and loud child activity. If necessary, put his leash on and tether him to a chair leg as he sits in his basket, to make him stay there.
    Always make him Sit before giving him food. (Basic manners)
    Give him food after you’ve had food and if you’re not hungry, pretend, in front of him, to eat something out of his bowl and have the kids pretend to eat something out of his bowl before putting it down in front of him. This establishes that you are all more important than he is.
    Laps are okay but make sure he knows his Place and especially that he never gets to a higher Place than the kids.
    If I were American, I’d probably say “Enjoy!” at this point.

  2. That’s great! We do have a bed for him that we’re using like that, so we’re on the right track. Though the bed is slightly off the ground – don’t know whether that means the place is higher when the boys are sitting on the floor.

    I’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure. Just our classes don’t start for a bit (I can’t do anything without going to the classes!).

  3. I also had my babies sleep in my arms all or most of the day. Many times I’d be wandering around the house with a sleeping baby in my left arm while manouvering the vacuum or making coffee with the right hand.

  4. Just love the bejesus out of him. Puppies need as much physical contact as you can manage. It’s good for them emotionally, and good for their immune systems. Hand him around, especially the kids.

    You’ll have to put him down, soon enough.

    But I agree with suzoz, that he should be made to sit, or do something for you, before you feed him, or reward him. Get the upper hand where you can.

    The only thing I’d say that might really adversely affect him would be to leave him alone too much. It can mess them up.

    I’ve raised dogs all my life, in so many different ways, and I’ve found that just following your heart is as good as any. A well-adjusted dog, who loves you, will respond to you and do what you want in time.

    That’s after they spend the first 6 months using your house as a toilet, of course.


  5. I was going to give you advice on dog training but it was kind of boring and rigid and sounded quite Fordian and regimented, which I guess it is, so instead I will just go “awww”.


  6. I recommend not holding him up to your face a lot, because he’ll learn to jump up to reach faces, which is a right pain. Incessant cuddling is tops, though.

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